Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where you you'll find the most common questions regarding guitar playing, setups and other music related goodies.  Check out the examples below.

What are your metal tone settings?

My recording tone is comprised of a Dimebag Krank head and a Jeff Loomis Head used in combination with a 7 x 12 head (get det's) .

What are the best ways to control latency when recording?

This is a complex issue, given that most likely you are recording using a computerized DAW. My experience is in using the Reaper DAW.

My settings comprise of setting my I/O buffer size t0 512 samples

How do you record your tracks and video - together or seperately?

The easiest way I have come to learn to record audio tracks and video tracks is to record them together. I always have the countin click track to help the count in process.

I'll do 3 to 4 takes for the track and select the best performance out of the bunch. I then proceed to mix them all together with my Wondershare software, sync everything together, upload to my YouTube Channel and release to public.